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David Kane and Sons Ltd

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Extensions, New Builds, Renovations, Roofing

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David Kane and Sons Ltd

Services Provided:

Extensions, New Builds, Renovations, Roofing

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David Kane and Sons Ltd

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RAISING THE ROOF: Galaxy Website Design’s Overhaul of Kane and Sons’ Online Abode

Kane and Sons is a family-run business with a legacy spanning over 22 years, specialising in roofing and home building services. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they serve homeowners and offices across ALTON, BENTLEY, BORDON, FARNHAM, GODALMING, GRAYSHOTT, GUILDFORD, HASLEMERE, and HEADLEY.

The Challenge: From Website Woes to Digital Distress

Kane and Sons faced a significant setback when they engaged a freelancer for their website needs. Unfortunately, the resulting website, built on Wix, was subpar and failed to attract any traffic from Google searches. Worse still, communication with the freelancer ceased when quality concerns were raised, leaving Kane and Sons in a dire situation. With their business relying heavily on word of mouth, the lack of online visibility threatened its survival. They sought a solution to redesign their website and establish a strong online presence through SEO.

Our Solution: A Lifeline for Kane and Sons

Galaxy Website Design got straight to work for Kane and Sons. Recognising their shared values as family-run businesses, Kane and Sons chose us to overhaul their website and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy. Leveraging our expertise in WordPress and modern design tools, we crafted a visually stunning website tailored to their target audience. Each service area received dedicated pages, optimised for local SEO. Additionally, we provided ongoing maintenance and support to ensure peak performance.

The Outcome: From Struggle to Success

Following six months of dedicated SEO efforts, Kane and Sons experienced a remarkable turnaround. Their website now ranks prominently on Google, generating over 50 to 80 new customer inquiries every month. Not only did their online visibility skyrocket, but their business expanded rapidly. David Kane, Managing Director, now oversees a team of 15, allowing him to transition away from manual labour. With renewed confidence, Kane and Sons Ltd is poised for sustained growth, supported by our ongoing Website and SEO and partnership.

Questions We Asked David Kane, Owner of Kane and Sons

Q1: David, what were the main issues Kane and Sons Ltd faced with their old website before teaming up with Galaxy Website Design?

A1: Well, our old website was a bit of a mess, to be honest. We hired a freelancer who built it on Wix, but it didn’t do much for us. It wasn’t showing up on Google searches, and when we tried to address the problems with the freelancer, they disappeared on us.

Q2: After Galaxy Website Design revamped your website, how did the new design impact your confidence in your online presence?

A2: Oh, it was a massive improvement. With the new design, we feel much more confident about how we appear online. The website looks professional and suits our business perfectly, which gives us a real boost.

Q3: Can you tell us about the results of working with Galaxy Website Design, in terms of online visibility and business growth for Kane and Sons?

A3: Working with Galaxy was a game-changer. After about six months, our website was popping up all over Google, bringing in over 50 new inquiries every month. That boost in online visibility meant that we could expand the business rapidly. I’ve even been able to step back from the manual work and manage a team of 15 now.

Q4: You mentioned in your Google review that Galaxy Website Design helped get your business listed on various web directories. How has this helped Kane and Sons?

A4: Yeah, Galaxy got us listed in all the right places online. It’s made a huge difference. More people can find us now, which has definitely contributed to the growth and success of Kane and Sons.

Q5: Based on your experience, would you recommend Galaxy Website Design to other businesses seeking website development and SEO services?

A5: Absolutely, I’d definitely recommend Galaxy to anyone looking for help with their website and SEO. They went above and beyond, delivering quality work at a fair price. They’re reliable and know their stuff, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

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